Unity makes strength

Researchers are welcome. We have always worked with Piedmontese universities and research institutions: an indispensable collaboration to guarantee technological evolution, experimentation and service innovation.

Founded in 2015 as a centre for research activities in cooperation with the Mario Boella Institute of Higher Education, today CSI Innovation is an open space to suggest ideas and implement projects.

Through call for ideas and tenders we invite research institutions to propose projects in specific thematic areas. The academic members of the CSI Scientific Technical Committee participate in the evaluation of such ideas.

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“To make a table, it takes a flower”

We promote the contamination of ideas and open innovation.

Sometimes research and development investment leads to unexpected results. Other times, actually working services can also be based on ideas discovered by chance. An IT solution developed for one product can be applied to other services, the answer to a health care need can come from a project carried out in other fields of activity.

This is why we focus our resources on 6 strategic strands, but ready to take up the opportunities and challenges that arise.

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EU funding programmes

ICT is a strategic element in Europe's policies of "smart, inclusive and sustainable growth". That is why we involve our members, universities and research institutions in R&D projects using the financial resources of European programmes.

Since 2005, we have been involved in international R&D and international cooperation projects. We are currently involved in the Horizon 2020, Life+, Alpine Space, CIP and FP7 programmes.


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Internal R&D

Every year, we fund R&D projects based on a selection of proposals submitted by corporate areas. Proposals are evaluated by an internal evaluation committee and subject to monitoring during the proposal and project phase.



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