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Smart Data Platform

The project aims to create an IoT gateway software solution aimed at Edge Computing, i. e. to simplify the connection and integration between objects of the real world (Operation Technology) and the world of information systems (Information Technology), enriching the experiences acquired by the CSI in the field of IoT and with Yucca - Smart Data Platform.

The goal is to make the diffusion and integration of sensors and actuators more homogeneous and simple: APIs will have to be developed for remote management of the entire life cycle of the various modules, from configuration to updating, from startup and reset functions to diagnostics.

The gateway will have to send aggregated data streams, obtained in real time by the various sensors, to a cloud platform for collection and analysis (e.g. SDP) and manage some metadata not foreseen by the vendor but necessary for the application in the chosen use case (e.g. the room identifier where a sensor is located or the floor).

The solution will have to be reusable in different operational contexts and overcome the limits of current solutions (several vendors offer proprietary products targeted to specific use cases: domestic environments, vs. public buildings, vs. outdoor). The main requirement in the design phase must therefore be vendor independence from specific protocols, hardware platforms and proprietary OSs and the adoption of open standards and protocols for interaction with various devices (e.g., the use of a single device). mixed solutions Zwave, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Lora, etc.)


The resulting product may be included in application projects of interest to different bodies. By way of example, the possible outcomes are as follows:

  • promoting the spread of Yucca - Smart Data Platform, wherever the operational integration complexity is an obstacle to the choice of the solution;

  • implement new software solutions for data collection and processing from sensors;

  • fostering the spread of the IoT culture in CSI, to help customers in the choice of neutral vendor solutions, in order to limit the technological lock-in also in this sector;

  • simplifying the operational support of remote devices through remote management (advanced diagnostics, provisioning, monitoring, etc.).