Horizon 2020
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EU Funds
Environment and territory
Economic amount
6,647,777 €

I-REACT is a European Commission-funded project that aims to create a platform at European level able to integrate useful data for natural risks management (especially floods and forest fires) coming from different sources, in order to allow citizens, civil protection operators and professionals in real time to prevent and act more effectively in case of natural disasters.

Climate change in recent decades is increasingly causing extreme weather events and current risk management systems are still limited in their effectiveness.

The platform exploits and integrates technologies already available today to collect and process large amounts of data from different sources: social media, mobile applications, existing information systems, satellite images, photos and videos from UAVs, smart wearable devices (glasses and bracelets), ensuring interoperability with current emergency management systems. The platform will therefore be able to produce real-time information on floods and fires in particular, and will quickly return the forecasts of the evolution of the disaster.

Twenty partners from 9 different EU countries participate in the project, including CSI-Piemonte, together with research centres, international organisations such as UNESCO, public bodies and small and medium-sized enterprises that will have the role of enhancing innovation from a commercial point of view.

CSI-Piemonte is responsible in particular for ensuring the collection of requirements by the main project stakeholders, i. e. the emergency managers of European countries, among which the Piedmont Region and AIPO have a fundamental role. It also has the task of developing modules that will allow the integration of data from European alert and monitoring systems into the I-REACT platform.


Social media analysis and mobile and wearable devices use in the field can enrich the solutions adopted by Piedmont's local authorities, in particular those of the Piedmont Region and AIPO - Interregional Agency for the River Po, in the field of Civil Protection.

Contacts with advanced research institutions, such as the Mario Boella Institute of Higher Education in Turin, the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento and the University of Vienna, offer interesting ideas for developing the range of solutions that the CSI-Piemonte can offer in this field. Contacts with dynamic companies, such as the Spanish Answare tech, Joinpad, a Milan-based company active in the field of augmented reality, and the Serbian Bit-gear, also offer interesting synergies.