Horizon 2020
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Project type
EU Funds
IT security
Economic amount
5,258,316 €

The CIPSEC project aims to create, based on existing standards and solutions, a unified and integrated security framework that can operate beyond the specificities of individual critical infrastructures and offer high levels of protection in IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology). Coordinated by Atos Spain, CIPSEC has thirteen partners, including companies, universities and research centres from Spain, Germany, Greece, the United Kingdom, Israel, Romania and Switzerland.

The project will offer a complete, reliable and highly professional safety ecosystem with additional services to support the technical solutions proposed: vulnerability testing, training courses, public-private partnerships, legal analysis, standardisation and protection against "cascading effects". CIPSEC provides for experimentation on concrete cases, in order to evaluate the effective performance of the solutions developed. In particular, three sectors have been selected in which critical infrastructure plays an important role: environment, healthcare and transports.

CSI directly participates to the environment theme, with the ARPA use case, the air quality monitoring network. The other experimentations come from Spain (healthcare system) and Germany (railway system). In addition, the Consortium will draw up a plan for the exploitation of results in the context of public administration.


Investing in critical infrastructure security will contribute to improving public safety and citizens' quality of life, but will also be beneficial to the economy as it will create business opportunities in a number of sectors, fostering the development of increasingly powerful security systems that can be reapplied to different areas.