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EU Funds
Smart Data Platform
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7,999,882 €

BIG IoT is working to improve interoperability between different IoT vertical platforms and encouraging the development of new Internet of Things services and applications, bringing value to the large amount of public and private data coming from interconnected mobile devices and sensors, able to interact in real time with the external environment. Thanks to the BIG IoT project, service and application developers will be able to benefit from data made available from different platforms without having to develop specific access solutions.

The interoperability gap between the platforms can be overcome by defining a generic and unified web interface (called BIG IoT API) developed with an open community approach and adopted by 8 smart objects platforms: in Italy by the CSI Smart Data Platform and then by 7 other platforms in Germany, Greece, Ireland and Spain.

In order to promote the adoption of the BIG IoT API, project partners involve the developers' communities and in addition, a software infrastructure - the BIG IoT marketplace - will be built for sharing services and IoT applications.

In April 2017, the first Open Call was launched for small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, universities and research centres. The call participants will integrate their platforms with the BIG IoT infrastructure to make data usable through the project marketplace, possibly using the three pilot areas of BIG IoT (Piedmont, Barcelona and Berlin) and the mobility and air quality sector as their target.

CSI Piemonte is responsible for making the regional Smart Data Platform ( data accessible through the BIG IoT infrastructure. In Piedmont, it involved the cities of Biella and Vercelli, as experimental sites.

  • Enhancement of the Smart Data Platform as a Smart City platform, with integration of new data from sensors: air quality, traffic data, availability of linear parking spaces, availability of free bike sharing stalls.

  • Traffic Counting sensor development and streaming analysis algorithms.

  • Citizens' services: Healthy and Smart parking apps development.

  • Services for public administrations, such as the Traffic management dashboard.

  • Involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises following the Open Call launched in April 2017.

  • Possible involvement of startups and universities in local and European hackathons.

  • Participation in the EPI - European Partner Initiative enables new relationships to be established with partners outside the project.