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Based on the research and development activities started in 2016, it is foreseen to continue also in 2017 with the following activities:

  • Dematerialized prescription: starting from the data brought to Yucca - Smart Data Platform in 2016, the experimentation of reporting tools and dashboards with dynamic analysis functionality for displaying indicators continues.

  • Electronic Healthcare Record: following the research carried out in 2016 on reports texts, we intend to continue with the use of the semantic search engine, possibly extending also to images and enriching the clinical dictionary, thus starting the experimentation of the conjugation of semantic research techniques with "machine learning".

  • Experimentation of data integration activities across different information flows, such as for example in the case of prescription for health services and pharmaceuticals, and relative visualization of specific cross thematic indicators.

  • Experimentation of graph analytics on health data highlighting the potential of this very effective presentation method.

  • Continuing the collaboration with epidemiologists thanks to the direct use of the Smart Data Platform as a laboratory to experiment with predictive analysis instruments, data visualization and data analysis.


Development of technological tools for the governance of the Piedmont Region, Health Assessorship, on the performance of the regional healthcare system and its effects on Piedmontese Regional Health Authorities.