CSI-Piedmont has paid particular attention to the accessibility of the pages by disabled users as set out in the rules and directives on access to information tools by disabled users.

The checkpoints of the Technical Checks defined in the Law of January 9, 2004, No. 4 "Provisions to facilitate the access of people with disabilities to computer tools" and its subsequent amendments (see DM 20 March 213), have been translate the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) international guidelines.

The pages are developed using technologies that allow separation of content and layout of a document, allowing for a more effective use, regardless of the technology being adopted and more flexibly than the different devices. Disabling Style Sheets displays the textual version of the page; Also, using a smartphone or tablet, the site's graphic appearance is automatically adapted to the small screen size, according to recent responsive design techniques.

The site does not show "tickers" to certify its accessibility features, knowing that a service is really accessible only after careful attention to the detail, continuous review of the work done, and above all attention to the real needs of the user and open to comparison with it.